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A Brief History Of Arcade Games

People have liked to play games since ancient times. Games have become a bigger part of people's lives. In 1971 the first arcade game come along and it was this game's destiny to tremendously change the way people play games. Galaxy game was the original coin video game in an arcade. It was at Stanford University; this game never went commercial. Computer Space was the original commercial arcade game. It was a bit hard to play and didn't do very well in sales, but then Pong jumped into the game and it was a...


Pool Cue Cases: Getting the Right One

Most serious, money making, game loving pool players will only play the game with their own pool cue sticks that are contained in their own personal pool cue cases. This might seem a bit much for the person who is on the outside looking in. But, this is the type of action that one would expect from the bowler who has his own bowling ball and bag. Or, how about the tennis play who has her own tennis racket and case? For serious sports lovers, they just want to have their own equipment. As a serious pool...


How To Play Billiards-Tip To Help You Play Effectively As Quickly As Possible

There are a lot of how to guides on how to play billiards nowadays. You can very often times find these being sold either in billiards magazines or on the internet. Also, there are even TV shows nowadays that give tips on how to improve your billiards skills. Whether you want to play pro billiards, play 8 ball pool, simply learn billiards trick shots, or just play for fun, you can find great info to help you improve your games. However, here's something to keep in mind: some of this info is useful, and som...


Billiard Pool Cues: Mixing Geometry and Physics with Coolness

Billiards is likely the only game that mixes hardcore geometry and physics with extreme coolness. There's no other game that mixes math with smoke filled rooms inhabited by a mixture of characters from the most preppy to the most rough around the edges. If a person has ever played pool, they know that there are a lot of factors that contribute to the perfect game: the right table, a clear atmosphere and an even clearer head, and the perfect cue. Billiards pool cues are an essential tool in the game. Though...


Carrom Foosball Tables - Part of a Long History of Foosball

For many people, foosball is a fun recreational pastime. For others it is a sport played competitively, even for money prizes. Sometimes it is played with strictly defined rules and other times it is played casually with only minimal rules. I have only played foosball for fun with friends and family so I'm not really up on all the technicalities of the game. However, being the history buff that I am, I thought it would be interesting to do some research on the game and see if I could learn about some of the...


Which of the Carrom Air Hockey Tables is Best for your Family?

The thing that amazes me most about air hockey is how quickly it became popular and main stream in America. Air hockey was invented by a trio of Brunswick engineers (Phil Crossman, Bob Kendrick, and Brad Baldwin) between 1969 and 1971, and was an immediate success. The United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) was formed in 1975 to ensure uniform play standards, and the first World Championships were held a few years later in 1978. I was too young to realize how new it was, but I remember in the mid...


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