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A Brief History Of Arcade Games

People have liked to play games since ancient times. Games have become a bigger part of people's lives. In 1971 the first arcade game come along and it was this game's destiny to tremendously change the way people play games. Galaxy game was the original coin video game in an arcade. It was at Stanford University; this game never went commercial. Computer Space was the original commercial arcade game. It was a bit hard to play and didn't do very well in sales, but then Pong jumped into the game and it was a quick success. Pong was kind of like an arcade version of ping-pong because there was a virtual paddle that the players used to hit the ball to and fro until someone missed.

By the latter part of the 70's and early 80's there were local arcades, whereas the first Pong was put in a gas station. Once the arcades took off many kids wanted to play games and they spent a lot of Saturday afternoons at the arcade. Hand and eye coordination was a must and a bunch of quarters. Before this when you wanted to play games you played a board game like monopoly, chess, checkers or you chose cards games. The big arcade games during this period were Pac Man, Galega, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Zork, Mastermind, Space Invaders, and Luna Lander.

The popularity of these games lead to home video games. Later on the arcade games moved online and many people that wanted to play games began playing them there. To play games online is easy and there are many free online games. No one needs a roll of quarters to play, but they need a computer. The popularity of playing games online has generated thousands of sites devoted to this hugely successful pastime. You can even find numerous places to play retro arcade games online.

The variations on game themes provides something for all to get into and have fun. Maybe you like adventure, mystery, sharp shooting, racing, city building, puzzles, boxing, wrestling which are some of the many types of online games available.

Games started out as board games and cards, went to arcade, role playing, video, and online; it is truly an evolution in the nature of games that has happened. We can't really foresee what direction this evolution may take next. For those who liked stories the first role playing games that were board games gave them an outlet for their imaginations and even acting abilities that could be discharged at home with other role playing friends; this included dressing up like your character.

On thing is for sure, the evolution of games for those that like to play games has taken some unimagined twists and turns and online games aren't going to vanish for quite some time. The sheer amount of people that play games has increased with the newer technology that lets those designing games put complex plots in games and other fascinating bells and whistles that gamers enjoy. Just like arcade games became a fact of life so have online games.


Pool Cue Cases: Getting the Right One

Most serious, money making, game loving pool players will only play the game with their own pool cue sticks that are contained in their own personal pool cue cases. This might seem a bit much for the person who is on the outside looking in. But, this is the type of action that one would expect from the bowler who has his own bowling ball and bag. Or, how about the tennis play who has her own tennis racket and case? For serious sports lovers, they just want to have their own equipment. As a serious pool player, it is important that a little research is done for pool cue sticks and cases in order to determine which will help to master the game of pool.

The Right Feel

Chances are, most people start looking at cue sticks and cue cases because they are a serious about the game of pool and got tired of using the ones supplied at the local hall or game room. In addition, they probably got tired of using different ones because they made the game different each time. Go to any pool hall and there will be good and crappy cue sticks, probably without the cases because they are far from new. Even if one happens to find a good cue stick, there is no guarantee that it can be used for each game. Why? This is because everyone else is using the same one. So, in order to have the same feel and luck each and every time one plays the game of pool, it is time to start researching pool cue sticks and cue cases.

The Right Materials

Make sure that all equipment is made with the best materials. For instance, look at cases that have the best protection for the cue stick. The cheaper and softer cases are normally made from leathers and will only keep the pool cue from getting scratched. This would be fine if one was only playing in the neighborhood and did not travel much.

However, for the travelling pool player who moves around to different pool halls, more protection is needed. Look for pool cue cases that have harder materials such as metal or wood. One will not have to worry about too much damage being done to the cue stick. Also, there are cue cases that offer comfort in the form of shoulder straps, which will make them easier to transport.

The Right Price

The bottom line is that they can range from a few dollars to close to a thousand dollars for serious pool players. The price depends on the love of the game, the purpose and the amount that each person is willing to pay. Quite naturally, for the person on the go, look at cue cases that offer plenty of protection, which will cost more than just the case that protects the regular sticks at the local pool hall. In addition, little details such as colored leathers and engraved initials on the case will cost much more money. All in all, research pool cue sticks and cue cases that feel right and have the right materials.


How To Play Billiards-Tip To Help You Play Effectively As Quickly As Possible

There are a lot of how to guides on how to play billiards nowadays. You can very often times find these being sold either in billiards magazines or on the internet. Also, there are even TV shows nowadays that give tips on how to improve your billiards skills. Whether you want to play pro billiards, play 8 ball pool, simply learn billiards trick shots, or just play for fun, you can find great info to help you improve your games.

However, here's something to keep in mind: some of this info is useful, and some isn't. Here is some information to help you to improve you to learn to play pool, and also how to find the best pool information to take your game to the next level.

First of all, you probably should start out by doing a quick internet search for billiards tips, and soak up all the free information that's available. There will no doubt be many articles written on the topics, and many of them by some pretty fair billiards tips.

This is certainly a great way to get a head start on the competition. Remember, 99% of your competitors will never take the time to learn how to play better, and will simply do so by trial and error. When you invest in your education, whether by reading or watching TV shows on the topic of billiards playing, you will immensely improve your game-even if you've never picked up a cue stick in your life!

One of the most crucial tips to becoming an effective billiards table player is precision. Very simply, without this key element, you can kiss your chances at succeeding in pool good bye. For this, you need to think about every shot before you hit it.

Very simply, plan out not only where you want to hit your next shot, but also where you want the cue ball to end up so that it leaves you in good position for your next shot. This is one of the keys to every professional billiards players success, and something that virtually no amateur does.

When you are over your shot, make sure to relax and imagine the billiards stick as simply being part of your body. This will also help you to become more precise with your shot. This is one of the most important tips for how to play billiards, and without it you will never reach your potential.

Also, be sure to exercise patience when playing pool. This just might be the most important skill you can have for billiards. As soon as you become frustrated and impatient, you lose your ability to focus, and your body also tenses up.
This makes it much more difficult to hit an effective shot. When you stay patient and relaxed, even if things don't seem to be going your way right now, if you stay relaxed, the tide will soon turn in your favor.

Finally, the most important part is to practice. Obviously, as with anyone, practice is the key to success; you can buy all the how to material in the world, but until you actually get out their in the game and do it, you will not improve. Also, try to imagine yourself playing a great game before each game starts.

Simply visualize yourself succeeding, and you will play much better. Michael Jordan used this technique before each game he played in, and it worked out pretty well for him. Hopefully this information on how to play billiards more effectively will help you dramatically improve your game and enjoy a lifetime of fun and success with pool.


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